Security guarantee

We provide a range of payment methods in our web shop that also meet the strictest online security requirements.

We believe that the Internet is the way of the future as an online marketplace and would like to help reduce the mistrust towards shopping online. Since security takes highest priority for us when you shop online, we wish to keep our guidelines transparent and inform you of how we protect our web shop against the misuse of sensitive data.

Due to our security efforts, we are therefore not able to offer you all the payment methods currently competing on the market.

Protect your data with SSL encryption:
We use a 128-bit SSL encryption on the pages used for transferring payment data. We have taken safety precautions to protect your payment data (credit card number, PINs, passwords, etc.) during the transfer of information. Your data is transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption with an encryption strength of 128 bits. This technical process enables us to protect your data from misuse, unauthorised access as well as disclosure, loss, manipulation or deletion. You can see whether or not a page is encrypted in the browser status line and/or the URL field.

The SSL protocol provides secure connections in three ways:
  1. The connection is private because the contents are all coded.
  2. The identity of the server is guaranteed, meaning that the person browsing the Internet can be sure that the requested page presented in his/her browser actually comes from the server from which he/she requested the page.
  3. Effective algorithms verify whether the data is completely delivered to the respective recipients unchanged.