Top news from Loipersdorf

Family Summer 2024

Family Summer 2024 runs from June, 29 to September, 8 with a free daily entertainment programme and lots of special guests.


Der Thermenlandbus

The Thermenland bus runs til June 2024 daily from Vienna's main train station to the Loipersdorf spa resort and back. Guests and commuters now travel from € 20, - safe, fast, comfortable and environmentally friendly in our region.
The journeys from July 2024 are unfortunately not fixed yet.

Closing and revision times at the Loipersdorf Spa Resort

The Schaffelbad is closed from June 3-21, 2024 due to maintenance work.
The thermal spa and adventure pool are closed from December 16-23, 2024.
The entire spa resort will be closed on December 24, 2024.
On December 31, 2024, the entire thermal spa resort will be open until 9 p.m.